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SPYA Wellness

Explore health, happiness, and connection within a genuine community atmosphere through fitness, yoga, and wellness services.

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Class Pricing 

All classes are open to the Public,

feel free to drop in anytime. 

The Group Functional Fitness Classes and Yoga Classes offered are only $10 to drop in anytime. 

To ensure your spot is reserved we encourage you to book ahead on our scheduler below! 


$55 Per Month for General Public

$28 Per Month for SPY Family Members and Teachers

Become an ALL access SPYA member and receive the following benefits:

-Unlimited Group Classes

-30-minute fitness consultation to keep track of goals
and create a fitness plan

-Once monthly check-ins for returning monthly
members to continue to build on g

-$10 off a monthly massage or stretch therapy session

-Include 10% off Personal Training Sessions when scheduled as
a package.

-Please contact to sign up

Best Value

SPYA Wellness Membership



Every month

Valid until canceled

Unlimited Group Classes

30-Minute Fitness Consultation Each Month

$10 off a monthly massage or stretch therapy session

Include 10% off Personal Training Sessions

Class Schedule

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Fitness Classes

At SPYA Wellness we specialize in Functional Fitness.

Our functional fitness approach is based on achieving long term results to enhance daily living.


Our group class workouts are designed to challenge all muscle groups in a way that is sustainable, and does not deteriorate the body.

This style of exercise is accessible and designed for all experience levels, all body types and all ages.  

Focus will be on full body strength, mobility, balance and coordination.

Class Schedule: 

Tuesday's 5 p.m.

Wednesday's 6 a.m.

Thursday's 5 p.m.

'Drop in' price: $10

Unlimited Group Classes are included in Monthly Memberships

Classes are currently coached by Josh Lewis, NASM Certified Personal Trainer with a Master's Degree in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology


Personal Training

1 on 1 training sessions are an extremely valuable tool, and the perfect way to meet your wellness goals and stay accountable.

Prior to your first session, our Certified Personal Trainer will offer you a free 30 minute fitness consultation to discuss your goals and layout a roadmap on how we will get there.

During your first session, our CPT will asses your biomechanics, evaluate muscle imbalances, test range of motion, and record other relative baseline measurements in order to track progress.

Common goals that we help our clients achieve:

- Weight Loss

- Muscle Building

- Strength

- Athletic Performance

- Pain Management

- General Fitness


Single Session - $60 Per Hour

5 Session Pack - $55 Per Hour

10 Session Pack - $50 Per Hour

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Fitness Consultation today.


Call/text 816-969-0559 or email for scheduling and questions.


At SPYA Wellness we offer a variety of options to expand a yoga practice including group classes at our main facility, private yoga sessions, community yoga events, and Yoga in the workplace.

All of our Yoga Services feature mindful movement that will be intertwined with yogic principles to help truly expand one's yoga practice in every respect.

We encourage exploration in all areas of your practice, guiding students to develop a practice that truly supports them from the inside-out.


Group Yoga Classes

At SPYA Wellness our group yoga classes are designed with every student in mind. Instruction at SPYA aims to support ALL who show up to the mat, equally offering modifications and opportunities to challenge oneself- meeting you where you are at that day to ensure a safe and supportive practice.

Current Class Schedule and Description:

Rise and Shine Yoga - Monday's 7AM

Start your morning with intention at SPYA Wellness powerful morning yoga class. Class will be flow-style, also known as “Vinyasa”, moving in and out of poses in sync with breath.

Mindful Flow - Friday's 9 A.M.

The perfect class to bring awareness and connection to the mind, body, and spirit. Mindful Flow Yoga class is a mix between gentle and slow flow-style yoga class designed for all ages, all body types, all levels of experience or those with no experience at yoga at all!

Chair Yoga Friday's 10:15 A.M.  

Yoga truly is accessible for all, and chair yoga is a great way to enjoy so many postures using the support of a chair! Move your body in a way that feels GOOD, cultivate mindfulness, tap into the power of  your breath, and connect with your community. All ages, body types, experiences welcome!

'Drop in' price: $10

Unlimited Group Yoga Classes are included in Monthly Memberships

Community Yoga 

Yoga in the Workplace

SPYA Wellness will bring YOGA AND WELLNESS TO YOU, at your workplace!

We offer Yoga Classes, Fitness Classes, and Chair Massage to be brought into the workplace.

Schools, Community Groups, and Corporations have taken this opportunity to better support the teams that make the dreams happen.

Contact us for more information. 

Monthly Ongoing Classes:

Partner Yoga-Workout Mashup


Free Monthly Community Yoga Class and Litter-Pick up at nearby Blue Springs parks/lakes.


Stay up to date on all community events by following our Facebook page!